The Open Choir for improvisers

Introduction to TOCfi

We are a community improvisation choir welcoming anyone who wants to take some new musical steps and risk improvisation. We perform locally in the Crouch End area to family, friends and neighbours.

We will be creating improvised vocal music together, both in the moment of the performance and through devising processes in rehearsals. Jenni Roditi will lead through directed conducting and by giving musical instructions on which we will build new pieces.
Some sessions will include rehearsal assistants from TIC or other outside special guest leaders from time to time.

The Mission

The conducting signals method focuses and edits the music with hand signals for roles like - drone, harmonise drone, textured drone, loop, vary loop, copy and harmonise loop, rubber-banding, fill in the gaps in the phrase, dissolve and reform, solo, duet, cross fade and numerous other role signals.

The creative process in the group drives the shape of the conducting signals and the conductor encourages the group and draws out potentials. Within this melting pot a key aim is to perform exciting and unusual vocal pieces created together in the moment - as well as devise pieces, develop ensemble skills and enable singers to grow creatively, while learning to respond to direction. It's rather like an actor and a theatre director would work together.

Important qualities

As well as bringing your enthusiasm to TOCFI people are open to working with others and willing, even if a little shy, to try something new. You don't have to do a solo - it's very much about joining in at the level you feel able. You follow the signals which cover a variety of roles within the choir and are designed for, and responsive to each person's creative and vocal ability. You follow Jenni who gives you lots of encouragement and support to build up spontaneous music through directed conducting.


We are happy to work with people who may feel unsure about tuning. We believe there is much fun and expression that can be had without necessarily singing in tune. Some of our best singers cannot hold a tune.

Vocal Tai Chi

Vocal Tai Chi is Jenni's other voice project and in many way this choirs project has grown out of Vocal Tai Chi.

In VTC is an improvisation and personal development journey. You can attend workshops, or work privately with Jenni.

Vocal Tai Chi private sessions and workshops can be booked by messaging Jenni Roditi.

TOCFI does not require an audition.

Everyone is welcome - but bear in mind, because this is an improvisation project, you may need to expand your comfort zone! There are preparation sessions available for people who want to join but feel they may need some one to one coaching and exploring first. You are welcome to visit the choir in rehearsal for a taster session.

Thinking of joining The Open Choir For Improvisers?

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