Jenni Roditi’s vocal improvisation choir was poignantly reaffirming of the power of the individual voice, and the difference it can make as part of a collective, not least in the creative practice of collaborative music-making, but as a societal allegory.”
Royal Musical Association. March 2019.

"The work of Jenni Roditi is truly remarkable. All music speaks to the unconscious. But rarely do we find that conduit from the unconscious back into musical form. Jenni Roditi, employing a sophisticated use of improvisation, a deep understanding of how listening becomes musical expression and her own innate musicality, makes vocal work that is at once utterly original and completely timeless. It speaks of what is most ancient in all of us, and, simultaneously, what is most urgent, present and new. It is, quite simply, extra-ordinary. And very, very beautiful."
Simon McBurney, Complicité founder, director and performer. March 2018.

Land Mass Volume 2 OUT NOW
The Single - ROOT,  OUT NOW

Land Mass, the MUSIC-FILM... coming soon!





Land Mass
Volume 1 - out now.

Listen and purchase album and single here

Soundtracks from Land Mass with filmmaker Sara Pozin's videos



Artistic Director
Jenni Roditi

Uran Apak, Dilara Aydin-Corbett, Rouhangeze Baichoo, Veronica Chacon, Shreyans Iyer, Segun Lee-French, Camilo Menjura, Ebe Oke, Candida Valentino, Yan White, Marcia Willis

Produced and engineered by Asier Leatxe Ibañez d'Opakoa
Co-Producer Jenni Roditi
Recording assistant Jay Johnson
Mixing assistant Odette Souza

Recorded at Craxton's Studio
Funded by PRS Foundation and Patrick Tobin (Marigold Foods)

Jenni Roditi

TIC are grateful to Cassie Yukawa-McBurney and Simon McBurney for listening to the material and conjuring the title Landmass.

Funds gratefully received from PRSF and Marigold Foods owner, Patrick Tobin.









Land Mass Vol 1 - Links to Spotify, BandCamp, iTunes, Apple, Amazon here

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Wow! What a stupendous soundscape these amazing choirs produced. A really captivating evening of polyphonic music with much heart and soul from all the singers. MORE PLEASE!

Audience member

Didn’t know what to expect and found the experience disorientating and sometimes exciting and beautiful. A sort of primal, familiar and simultaneously strange evening!

Audience member

healing and mesmerising

Audience member

a stupendous soundscape... captivating evening of polyphonic music with much heart and soul from all the singers

Audience member


Audience member

A terrific evening, full of unexpected delights!

Audience member

A wonderful mind expanding experience

Audience member

Guest Artists

Toby Thompson - Poet

Toby Thompson

Cassie Yukawa-McBurney

Cassie Yukawa-McBurney

Peter Wiegold

Peter Wiegold

(April 2017)
Cleveland Watkiss

Cleveland Watkiss

(Nov 2016)
Ian Shaw

Ian Shaw

(Oct 2016)

Funding & Partners

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