Blog: TIC’s conducting signals are settling in


Another good TIC rehearsal today! Sorted out the hand, body, face and mouth signals. Made a quick video talking through the main ones so we can all learn them. There’s a signal for ‘I don’t know’ – and another called ‘ emergency exit’.

We have textured and smooth drones, smudging, parallel movement harmonisation, interlocking, pod harmonisations and go through the red light. We have ostinatos and graduations, dissolve, clusters
and fanning. Copy, but no paste.. a punch and a wave…etc. ..etc …no amount of signalling however can invoke good music… that is something that will have to come from somewhere else. And after these 5 rehearsals, well, nobody has dropped out. It’s hard to tell objectively how it’s going. Subjectively we all feel it’s going very well…! The concert will be a massive learning curve and a great experiment – and it must say something that we already have offers of two more pop up performances! 

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