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We are in the middle of TOC rehearsals at the moment. Last night 7 TIC’s joined 10 TOC’s and we had a leadership exchange workshop. What could TIC and TOC learn from each other? Here are some comments following the exercises in the first half of the workshop…..


Matt and Uran

“FUN!” Responsiveness way. Rhythm, cooperation, developing ideas”. Matt.

“My toc partner wanted to explore having fun. First we created funky, bluesy, wacky and funny loops that complemented each other. After getting used to each other’s musical language we did a freestyle jam which was great. We were also dancing and being expressive with our bodies.” Uran


Sarah and Sarah

“Boring need not be boring. xxxxx. Investing in the simple.” Sarah K

“Communication and collaboration.  Journey, articulation, rhythm, Meeting and mixing. Fun to join and come together.” Sarah J.


Veronique and James

“Resonance, harmony, fluidity” James

“Texture, trust….They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it !” (from Tom Sawyer.) Veronique.


Louli and Patrick

“Starting with simplicity increases musical connection”. Louli

“Jaw dropping. Louli kept making me relax my jaw. Simple is hard sometimes. Always fun in the end.” Patrick


Keith and Sylvia

“Listening, watching, connecting and journeying together with the unknown”. Keith

“The beauty of connection.” Sylvia


Kate and Wendy

“Helpful to share approach of mind set (before or after) to show the variety of ways to go into an improvisation – what kind of ways to respond linked to how/what you listen for. EG ‘here I was thinking about waves, not tempo and pitch’. Idea of introducing rhythm and body percussion before singing and learning to integrate body and rhythm and voice.”  Kate S

Fun of working with someone so intuitive. Amazement of number of different sounds we made. Freedom to be allowed to play”. Wendy.


Lora and Martins

“Peace. Connecting. Unfolding tone. Exploring rhythm.” Lora

Enjoyed the detailed vibrations and the discovery of juxtapositions in the room” Martins.



Dilara and Kate A

“Micro-compositions, themes of life, stories, rural, locking together”. Dilara

“Interesting to explore notes intertwining. Rhythm became relaxed and comfortable with snippets of variation. Good feeling to hold steady interlocking rhythm. Different energies meeting. Awkward at first.” Kate A.


Louise and Ben

“ The nature of the intervals and Ben’s attention to the quality of sound of the note.” Louise

“The are infinite possible intervals and harmonies”. Ben

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