News: TIC Ceremonial

Using TIC as part of your Ceremony

Being in the moment with improvisation provides a unique sensibility to the occasion, the atmosphere and the meanings and feelings present in the room. As vocal improvisers we are able to translate these ‘vibes’ into music, unique to the time, place and energy of the space and people participating in the ceremony.

TIC Ceremonial is a new development in the work of the choir and places us in a ceremonial role for occasions of meaning, both joyful and sad. We can work with text that is given to us that has special meaning for the occasion or use our highly developed non verbal language.

We can begin to sing on cue or as the moment takes us, as arranged, and we imbue the moment with musical/vocal meaning, light and shade as needed.

Be it a wedding or a funeral, a birthday, anniversary or a baby blessing, a reunion or a departure, we aim to bring a healing and ritual quality to the sad as well as the celebratory, imbuing a sense of timelessness, play, humour, dignity or soothing to the human meaning of what is occurring. We are 5 men and 7 women plus the conductor Jenni. We can come as TIC, full complement, or as a smaller group.

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