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The film is currently being submitted to film festivals internationally and will be screened locally at the Art House Cinema, Crouch End, London, UK, in 2022. Date to be announced in due course.

The newsletter will also let you know about satellite and aligned projects featuring vocal improvisation, both led and supported by Jenni Roditi and The Improvisers’ Choir. Thanks again for joining us on this journey – and by the way, – you’re in our website domain, so do take look around for a wider perspective on the whole project.

The content of Land Mass has unique areas for post-screen discussion. The Royal Musical Association said:

Jenni Roditi‚Äôs vocal improvisation choir was poignantly reaffirming of the power of the individual voice, and the difference it can make as part of a collective, not least in the creative practice of collaborative music-making, but as a societal allegory.” 
March 2019.

Land Mass opens up conversations around

  • the seasonal narrative and its impact as a ceremonial journey
  • how the poetry added searching questions and layers to the piece
  • the visual impact of the film, how it related to the music and how it remained independent
  • the emotional impact of the film, what it opened up and challenged in the listener/viewer
  • the human voice as a geology of humanity
  • the power and freedom of vocal improvisation
  • the purpose and effectiveness of hand conduction
  • how the freedom of the human voice can bring us closer to ourselves and each other
  • the internal places the piece conjures and how you are left feeling after the piece is over
  • what personal or group initiatives might Land Mass ignite in you now?

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  • Specialist online groups
  • Conferences and gatherings on voice, singing, improvisation
  • Conferences and gathering on hand conduction, sound painting, distributed improvisation
  • Conferences and gatherings on healing sound, shamanism, chanting, natural voice
  • Conferences and gatherings on women in musical leadership, new music and composition
  • Sonic installation and sound art festivals

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