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Club Vocale

Pilot season: 3 evenings running in Autumn 2016. Earl Haig Hall 2

 Sunday September 25th  – TIC TOC Club Launch – new works devised by members of the choir.

Uran Apak – dream walking
Veronica Royet Chacon – haiku
Dilara Aydin-Corbett – the heart opens like a lotus flower
Sarah Jenkin – transition
Mārtiņš Baumanis – vicious control

TIC will perform in second half. 

Sunday October 16th – programme to be announced

Sunday November 20th – programme to be announced

Featuring TOC The Open Choir

Club Vocale will move around the following possible elements…

  1. a set by TIC
  2. a set by TOC
  3. a short set by TIC TOC
  4. commissioning composers to work with TIC and possibly TOC too, including composer-singers within the choirs.
  5. a piece by TIC TOC joined by audience members
  6. a time for sounding in the room with everyone
  7. small groupings which might be a mix of TIC and TOC (and possibly the public) – performing duos and trios etc.
  8. introducing TEC – The Essence Choir – a contemplative, meditative, healing voice group, inspired by the Sa Re Ga scale from Indian Raga.
  9. A special guest/group/band/workshop leader/conductor joining TIC.
  10. Introducing TIC Ceremonial – look out for a birthday or anniversary that needs a celebration.
  11. Jenni’s music – Jenni’s solo’s. Vocal Tai Chi
  12. Instrumental improvisers joining with TIC TOCNB: Different groups in the club sessions will be selected by team TIC and director Jenni Roditi.

Earl Haig Hall 2 will the venue for this pilot. Not all of these ideas will get an airing but this is what we will be working with if we continue into 2017.  Evenings may be focussed around a particular theme or something localised like the time of year, halloween and so forth. If we want to build beyond the Autumn 2016 pilot these are some of the directions we could go in.13063217_10153656798958877_7123922693267063059_o.jpg

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