Audition for TIC – The Improvisers Choir

Auditions are now closed for the concert on December 5th. An announcement about future auditions will be made after the review of the current pilot project.
Why Audition?

The need for auditioning is part of an aspiration to create a unique and scintillating group of experienced performers who will delight audiences through their collective and individual singing and sounding voices.

The Mission

The mission is to create new templates for directed improvised singing. The directed conducting will focus the shape of what is emergent. The emergent process will subtly determine the shape of the directed conducting. It is a two way street. Within this melting pot a key aim will be to create coherent musical content leading to musical consistency and originality. We are leading to public performance so we need to work towards the best we can do. The combined forces of a variety of voices from a range of vocal styles will bring an unique identity to TIC.

Important qualities

As well as bringing your own particular specialism and sound to TIC you will be open to learning from others and be willing to try something new. It is important that you are happy to take on a variety of roles within the choir; flexibility being a core skill. You will be willing to take musical direction from Jenni and participate in creating music established through directed conducting.


The ability to read music will be needed in some pieces where some material will be provided to develop in improvisation, so reading the dots would be an advantage. However, not everyone in the choir has to be able to read music. We are looking for the right artists to create a scintillating and original band. There are other equally important skills that are considered of equal value. Deep listening, excellent vocal skills and a collaborative approach are seen as fundamental.

To be considered for an audition for TIC – The Improvisers Choir:

please send to Fanny Martin, Project Manager

1. a video or audio link of you singing

2. a short statement (100 – 150 words) about your vocal experience and include a comment about why you are interested in joining TIC.

Your material will be reviewed. Not everyone who applies will be selected for audition. Those selected will be sent a link through which you can book in for your audition.

Auditions will be held between 5th and 13th October in Crouch End, London N8.

Introductory Workshop, London, 17th October.

After a successful audition you will be invited to an introductory workshop on 17th October in the afternoon.

Rehearsals for the concert/s – starting October 31st.

Rehearsals will begin on October 31st and run each week, mainly on Sunday afternoons from 2pm – 4.30pm. You be asked to attend all five rehearsals. The concert/s will be sometime between the 5th and 13th December. There may be extra calls for rehearsals for some people.


You will receive a token goodwill gesture for the concert, but, if we achieve our Arts Council grant (which we will know before the concert) we will be looking to pay you a professional fee. Expenses for the Autumn 2015 pilot will be available based on need and distance travelled (to be discussed individually).

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